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The “what-if” question is a commonly expressed theme related to anxiety. People stress and fret about all the things that could happen. These thoughts tend to skew negative (“what if I don’t get an A on that paper?) and even at times catastrophic (“what if I never graduate college?”;). I challenge you to think- what if we explored and decided to accept and embrace or dismiss and redirect “what-ifs” instead of worrying about them? How would this look? How can you challenge your current habits and develop a new healthier approach? Consider reaching out to a mental health professional who practices Cognitive Behavior Therapy to dive deeper into this skill.


 Another form of “what-if" questioning involves problem solving. When we are presented with a stressor or problem, we have the opportunity to develop ideas and explore solutions. This builds resilience, and problem-solving skills. For some fun, watch this video that illustrates this concept.


I wonder, What if, Let's Try! Hailee Steinfeld Teaches How To Solve Problems (Sing Along) | Sesame Street | HBO Max Family


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