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Common Misconceptions About OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can pervasively impact the life of the diagnosed individual as well as their families, friends, partners, and roommates. The term OCD is also commonly tossed around in casual conversation, which can unfortunately create a misunderstanding about how debilitating the disorder can be. Even among professionals, OCD can be poorly understood.

I want to encourage you to have hope if you or someone you care about has a diagnosis of OCD. There are very effective treatments available. In order to help people better understand differences between danger and OCD intrusive thoughts as well as the role of magical thinking, common themes present with OCD symptomology, I am sharing two articles in this month’s focus.

Harm OCD vs. Being Dangerous

The Role of Magical Thinking in OCD

I hope you gain a better understanding of OCD symptoms and will reach out for help if you need.


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