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Digital Minimalism

Happy New Year! I hope you have had a healthy start to 2022. Let’s look at one, probably large, aspect of your life together- the role of technology.


How much of a role does technology play in your life? Are you overwhelmed with social media comparisons, email checking, or continuous text conversations? Do you feel satisfied with how you spend your time? Are you having difficulty watching a full-length movie? Does your smartphone attend all of your meals with you? Do you doom scroll? Have you been caught up in online gaming or passive video watching?


It is not my intention to overwhelm you with questions. Rather, my hope is to inspire some thoughtful consideration of your use of time.


Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport is an excellent book that details the background on the development and use of technology and practical strategies to help make meaningful use of our time with our devices.


Here are some ideas of the types of changes we can make to get the most meaningful use out of technology:


-Decide what basic aspects of technology you need at a minimum. For example, when is the most important times for you to have access to your cell phone? Do you need to have Instagram installed on your smartphone? Do you need access to email for work or school overnight?


- Consider which friends and family you want to keep in touch with and arrange to continue communication via video or in person. Use text for planning to speak with someone instead of running conversations.


-Always make eye contact with your significant other and children when you are using a device and they try to get your attention. You can let them know when you will be available if you can’t spend time right then and there.


-Explore which people and groups you want to be connected with on social media and identify the purpose for each one. For example, do you want to see pictures of your cousin’s baby or keep up to date with a school fundraiser?


-Make a workable schedule for checking e-mail, social media, and apps. Limit your use to only the most meaningful interactions.


--Spend more time outside in nature.


I hope you discover some new interests!


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