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Healthy Screen Time for Families

Many families have been struggling with managing screen time in their homes. It is important to consider several factors regarding the use of technology in your home. I have shared some resources below to help make decisions.




Your Child’s First Phone: Are They Ready? (American Academy of Pediatrics)



Kids & Tech: Tips for Parents in the Digital Age (American Academy of Pediatrics)



How can I help my child avoid eye and back strain from being on the computer? (American Academy of Pediatrics)*jybs79*_ga*MTU2ODg0ODkxNS4xNjUxMDAxMTQ2*_ga_FD9D3XZVQQ*MTY1MjIxNjgwOS40LjAuMTY1MjIxNjgwOS4w




My colleague and local psychologist, Dr. Anzalone, featured in the ABC special "Protect Our Children: Mental and Physical Stress" talking about the impact of screen time on kids and teens (last segment):



Glow Kids Tech Addiction Research



Resources from: Developed by APA Divisions







I hope these are helpful.


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