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Nature and Awe

One of my favorite places to visit and appreciate awe is in Lake George, NY. There are mountains- majestic, strong, and beautiful. The lake is gorgeous- peaceful, calm, and serene. The experience of traveling there from my hometown on Long Island is also worthy of awe. Farmland, open space, rocks, trees, and mountains provide opportunity after opportunity to be connected with nature. My family and friends have always laughed at me when we would travel there together and I would refuse to put the air conditioning on in the car so we could experience the “fresh mountain air.” I lovingly accept the laughter - laughing at oneself is good and healthy! I recently had the pleasure of introducing my children to this experience (though I did allow AC for them) during a visit to Lake George. Connecting with nature is a value in our family, and being able to swim in the lake and drive up a mountain with my children for their first time was wonderful. Being in nature is beneficial for all of us. It helps our mood, immune systems, and cognition.

There are a few interesting articles I am sharing this month that illustrate the importance of nature exposure for children and adults, as well as some practical suggestions for increasing time in nature. It is possible, even for busy people.

Feeling Awe Might Help Kids Be More Generous

Why Trees Can Make You Happier

Nurtured by nature: Psychological research is advancing our understanding of how time in nature can improve our mental health and sharpen our cognition

Enjoy your time outside!


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